it was great.


Arriving at the bungalow we were really impressed. It was clean and cozy, warm and inviting. IT had everything we could ever need and a PIZZA OVEN, which will bring us back to the bungalow because we were not prepared. NExt time, we will be!

The area was wonderfully quiet and fun to explore, and the beach was just a short walk away.

Every day we were greeted at the ocean by one or two bald eagles and the sound of the surf. It was heavenly.

The night before we left we read the guest book and found out that someone had counted the Lighthouses. This was a fun adventure in its own right, They counted 64 I got up to 76! I look forward to seeing if there are more next time we visit.

WONDERFULL, we were overly impressed. There was nothing we could have asked for really, it was great.

I loved staying at the bungalow and hated to have to leave it.

Thank you for such a lovely place to get away.

ValnDane – valerie, Kirkland,